Training Tour Day Seven

Today we had to leave, which was sad. We got up extra early and set about tidying the bunkhouse. Rory and Paul decided that the bedroom hadn't been swept for a long time, because there was more dust that it is possible for 18 people to make a week.

Rory brought Paul to hang Tour Champs, and everyone else left the hut about twenty minutes later. When they arrived at Newborough, Rory made a real life proper start lane to make it more like a race, and the runners set off into the forest.

The course was challenging but manageable, and everyone got round in a good time. James thought that 17 had been hung incorrectly, but he was wrong.

We had several more resounding choruses of This is Wales and Salsa Tequila, before the prize giving, where everyone who ran got a packet of biscuits. Dan was awarded 'Dan of the Week' for seven days of general Safking around, while Lily won the chance to spend a Christmas with Helen R. Paul and Helen P rushed off to their boat, which had been moved forward three hours, and everyone else didn't rush off to the cars, because they hadn't decided where to go yet.

Varsity Path or Crag

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