Jesus Green and Northern Streets Training

One of the more renowned political handshakes.

This week's training was not on Jesus Green and the Northern Streets. Instead, controls were located around Jesus Green and the city centre. Courses ranged from short (1.7 km) to long (5.5 km), but extremely muddy conditions required a shortening to 4.7 km.

After training, we all headed to pizza, except Lily who had an Emergency Lamb Meetingâ„¢. However, even Lily may have been able to hear Emma's cries of delight after discovering that she might have a full Cuppers team this year. Tonight's meeting was of great importance since captaincy of CUOC was planned out 10 years in advance. Jeremy, in particular, declared himself to be this year's Men's Captain, making it semi-official by shaking hands with Ben, until this was quickly vetoed by the current captain and soon-to-be History student Paul.

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