Jezza's alternative BUCS article

Jezza isn't very good at technology, and didn't realise that to publish an article, you need to click publish, so another website article was produced before this was noticed - see above.

BUCS relays were also cancelled. So James A, Lily, Aidan and Jeremy along with the three usual suspects from DRONGO drove to Aspley Wood near Milton Keynes. An early start ensured they arrived before all the entry on the day maps went to other would be BUCS competitors, including its organiser and planner.

The area turned out to be one of the best in the south and was very well mapped. Most of the forest was very runnable, only let down by the numerous paths ruining the technicality. A healthy layer of snow remained from the Beast from the East, making running tough going in places, but leaving some nice train tracks later in the race. The previous days toboggining training came in handy in successfully negotiating steep hills without sliding into a tree.

Aidan continued his good form from Varsity and took first place on the black in 65 minutes, with Ben 5 minutes behind in second, whilst James A was beaten into fourth place by the BUCS organiser. Lily successfully completed the Blue, while Zuzka was both first and last W21 on the Short Brown. Dan and Jeremy both mispunched on the Black after Jeremy followed Dan into the wrong control. A debate followed as to whose mistake was stupider, with only James showing any sympathy. Full results are available here, showing Aidan running for CLOK and James opting to create his own club COOC. A handwriting training session will be held soon.

On the way back Ben spotted a Lidl, so the car with DRONGOs in stopped for croissants. Dan was very pleased, as the same car then stopped at Aldi for petrol. Those without any work to do then headed back to Jeremy’s to finish up the remainder of the Veggie Chili.

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