JK Sprint

Be fast like Fiona

Today was the beginning of the Jan Kjellström Festival of Orienteering, starting with a sprint race at MOD Stafford. The terrain was a military barracks with 'mainly hard surfaces with some grassed areas', offering 'navigational challenges of detailed map reading and rapid decision making'. There were lots of slippy bits of grass to be slow on, and the map wasn't particularly detailed. However, it was an excellent chance to test our pure running speed, and was excellent money-for-value for the non-students among us.

CUOC had quite a few people running, and results are listed below:


Helen being fast.

Jeremy is disgusted at the terrain

M20E and W20E were won by people who interestingly share names with some CUOCers - Aidan Rigby and Fiona Bunn. However, they were running for CLOK and TVOC, so clearly weren't the ones that we know. Maybe they can be persuaded to join us in the future. Pippa increased her total number of runs this year but 25% to come 3rd on W20E, however she was running for SYO, so deserves no credit.

Tomorrow the action moves into the forest at Brereton Spurs for the Middle distance, where it's going to rain all day, so check back in tomorrow night for another exciting installment to cheer you up!

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