Lakes weekend

This weekend 6 CUOC runners went to the Lake District to run in some decent forest. Saturday's race was at Colonel's Drive, a nice grassy forested part of Graythwaite, and surprisingly for the lake district it was sunny. The courses were quite hilly, and quite technical in places, and some people navigated well and had good runs. In the evening, Aidan drove back to the NE, having decided that the 6 hour drive was worth it for a 23 minute run, and that he couldn't stay for the race on Sunday because he had too much work to do. Some CUOC and DrongOs were staying in Lancaster, but were disappointed to learn when they arrived back for a cup of tea that there was only one malted milk biscuit left because Jezza had eaten the rest of them.

At 6:05pm exactly they left the house to go to Spoons, where Ben, Jezza and Phil were happy because the drinks they ordered at the bar arrived before the drinks of the people who ordered them on the Spoon's App. Everyone enjoyed their meals, particularly Phil who ate half of everyone else's onion rings because his burger didn't come with onion rings, before discovering that it was supposed to, complaining, and getting an extra 6 onion rings as well. Ice cream was then purchased in the adjacent Tesco for pudding, and consumed on the walk to the house, before the inaugural Sober-O was held in the garden and won by someone speedy.

Sunday's race was at Lingmoor, a steep moor in Langdale, and unsurprisingly for the Lake District it wasn't sunny. Paul was helping on parking and had to be there at 8:15, so everyone had to get up very early. The walk to the start was very steep, and everyone apart from Ben S, Ben W and Zuzka was very happy that they weren't on the second start shift and only had to walk up it once. Ben W managed to avoid having to go to the start again by falling over and breaking his arm, and being abducted by mountain rescue, who fortunately sent him back to Lancaster. Most people were quite tired by the time they finished, but some people managed to have some good results.

Saturday results


Sunday results

JeremydnfBlack (M21E)
Paul3rdBlack (M21E)
Helen26th/6th WShort Brown (W21E)
Fiona1stShort Blue (W20E)
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