Cuppers 2018

The individual winners.

The victorious Queens'  team

27 students and 1 guest descended on the West Cambridge site for Cuppers 2018. A few newcomers were reassured by their ability to navigate on the 300m long practice course, before being thrown into slightly more realistic orienteering on the real thing. Most people on the Men's course ran right to the first control and most people on the Women's course ran left, despite it being the same control. A last minute map correction resulted in the only control on a contour feature being relocated, as the original depression is being turned into a row of bike racks, but fortunately this didn't seem to confuse anyone too much.

Congratulations to Aidan Rigby (Selwyn) and Fiona Bunn (Queens) on their individual victories, and to the team from Queens for their over all victory.

Team results

1.64:30 Queens

(nc) 65:05 Combined Women's Colleges

2. 68:27 St Johns

3. 68:33 Pembroke

4. 82:26 Darwin

Individual Results are here.

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