May week picnic

The CUOC May week picnic was organised by Elizabeth and held on Thursday on Jesus Green. Rowan and Heather arrived on time and were confused by the lack of other people, but set up a picnic in the normal corner. Elizabeth said she would be there in the next 30 minutes and eventually over the next hour Jonathan, Helen, Paul, Jeremy, Larry and James arrived. Jeremy could only spare 30 minutes between St John’s signet ring measuring sessions, but did manage to bring a jug to make Pimms in. Sadly, he failed to bring cups but fortunately Larry saved the day by going home to get some and we didn’t have to drink from the jug after all. After the picnic, Jeremy showed off how many different ways there are to throw a Frisbee (at least 4), and Paul demonstrated many ways not to throw a Frisbee. Following this the inaugural CUOC Olympics was held, with competitions in shotput, javelin, hammer, discus, long jump, triple jump and wheelbarrow races, and improvised equipment which included James’ jumper as the hammer. We discovered that Frisbees are not the ideal size or shape for discus, and that Jesus Green is more painful to land on than a sandpit. We were also so bad at wheelbarrow races that some nearby children decided to show us how it was done. Overall, everyone enjoyed the picnic, although we were sad that Elizabeth never arrived (rumour has it that the ‘rehearsal’ she was at may in fact have been a rowing thing).

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