Grad Week MicrO

Today some people who hadn't left Cambridge yet decided to do a micrO. We all converged on Lammas Land sometime after 1500, and sat around eating carrot sticks and suffer-biscuits until everyone had arrived. When Emma turned up, Helen produced the maps and came up with a start list, and we all put our shorts into Racing Mode.

A vintage monochrome MicrO map

Helen had spent some time the day before crafting a new map of the area, in vintage monochrome style, not at all sticking to ISSprOM. She also disobeyed the IOF Rule 19.4, which made the race significantly more fun. Control descriptions included Climbing Frame, Top', 'Dinosaur' and 'Swimming Pool, Shallow', so everyone got high and wet. Everyone made exactly one mistake, giving them a penalty of 57.8s, but Helen decided that one of the controls had been unfair, so the people who made that mistake only had a penalty of 28.9s. The results are below:

Name Course time Penalty time Overall time
Paul 7:18 0:57.8 8:15.8
Jonathan 8:51 0:57.8 9:48.8
Rowan 9:10 0:57.8 10:07.8
Emma 9:50 0:28.9 10:18.9
Lucy 11:20 0:28.9 11:48.9
Jeremy 11:25 0:28.9 11:53.9

After that, we went to Pembroke NCR and Rowan and Paul drank tea.

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