BUCS 2024 Final Details

With just one week to go until BUCS 2024 in Cambridge, we are delighted to announce that final details can now be read here.

This document contains all you need to know for the weekend. The document is also available on our dedicated BUCS page.

Please also find below the outfit themes for the Saturday night meal and social. The theme is 'At the Movies' to celebrate the Oscars, which are being held just after the BUCS relay! We have liaised with the Oscars organisers and they are happy with us to usurp them by outdressing them the night before their big day. We hope you will all be looking wonderful in your various guises.

CUOC: Barbie

EUOC/Heriot Watt/Napier: Pirates of the Carribean

SHUOC: Harry Potter

OUOC: Marvel

Bristol: Top Gun

Loughborough/Leeds: Cars

UCL: Toy Story

All Other Universities: Twilight

We look forward to welcoming you to Cambridge!

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