West Harling Heath Results

In glorious November sunshine, 8 CUOC athletes ventured into Suffolk for the last East Anglian League race of the year at West Harling Heath. CUOC had some very good results, despite Matthew Vokes being pipped into second (he usually wins everything) on the Brown course by a runner from Norfolk OC. David Maliphant was a few minutes behind in 4th (and wasn't AT ALL annoyed to have been overtaken by Matthew Vokes at no. 23), and Joe Hobbs on only his second-ever Brown came in 17th.

On the Green, Women's Captain Harriet Burdett had an excellent run to come in 6th overall and first woman, despite having been at a 'great party' the night before. Susan and Alice both ran Light Green, coming in 12th and 14th respectively. It wasn't all good news though, with Francis suffering a mid-run severe locational displacement of his pole-directional indicator (he lost his compass) and Tom Dobra being DQ'd due to a mispunch which (he claims) is down to a faulty SI box at the control.

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