Race Results: Epping South West

Epping Assembly Area

Raphaelle Finishing

At the most technical and coldest-yet forest of the term (except for the Lake District training tour in December, of course) a CUOC contingent arrived by train.Naham Clements finished 16th on Green, in the top half on his 3rd ever course while Raphaelle Suard (pictured) finished 9th (unfortunately out of 9) on Light Green with a good run most of the way and an unlucky big mistake. Sarah Gales had a smooth run to finish in 2nd on the same course.

Top performances on the longer courses came from captain Matthew Vokes finishing 3rd on Black, unfortunately succumbing to the Dark Side's president by 15 seconds, and Tom Dobra's 6th on Short Brown just over 8 minutes down on the leader.

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