Race Results: Oxford and Mildenhall

Jess running into the finish

Nahum starting

Matthew finishing


The weekend 20-21st saw two contrasting races: an urban race through the colleges, the castle, parks and university sites of Oxford - followed by the rather more tricky forest of Mildenhall on Sunday.

On Saturday CUOC's best performances were 8th position on the Men's by Matthew Vokes, 8 minutes behind silver sprint medallist at the Junior World Championships Kris Jones, while new member Jess Mason finished in 8th on Women's open. (both pictured left)

Sunday saw some more impressive performances from orienteering newcomers. Nahum Clements (pictured right) finished in 7th of 52 on Green, while on Light Green, Raphaelle Suard finished 9th of 29.

Top men's and women's performances came from the captains Matthew Vokes who again won the 8.9km Brown course by almost 4 minutes, and Harriet Burdett who finished 5th on the Green.

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