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Great to see so many people enjoying the delights of the maths centre tonight. We hope you had a great time!

Results from tonight's training night are now available. Getting the fastest time plays second fiddle to practising new skills at training, but we know a lot of people were really going for it so do have a look through the results. You can learn a lot by comparing your 'splits', or the time you took for each control, with other people's - it helps you work out where you were fast and slow!

There were four 'beginner' courses, and four 'Choice' courses which hopefully gave you an opportunity to practise choosing the best route. As ever, if you have any questions please feel free to email the captain

Results and Splits are now available - compare how you did to other people!

Results analysis: Winsplits and Splitsbrowser for the keen orienteer!

Jargon Buster

Splits your splits are the breakdown of how long you took between each control. Useful to work out where you were fast, and which bits of the course you were slow on which is good for coaching. Times in bold mean you were the fastest on that leg.
MP this means you either missed out a control (for example, you went from no. 1 to no. 3 without going to 2), or you went to the wrong control and "dibbed" a control that wasn't on your course (perhaps you got the wrong tree?)
Dibbed putting the blue timing chip (a dibber) in the electronic box causing it to beep and record your time (and that's why orienteers invented a word for it!).
Control one of the orange-and-white things with a timing box that you were looking for!
Splitsbrowser An online tool that turns your splits into a graph so you can easily compare them against everyone else on your course making it really easy to see where you lost time against others and where you were really good!
Winsplits More race analysis stuff, but a bit more complicated. Winsplits colour-codes your splits in a table so that you can easily see where you were the fastest runner of all, where you were one of the fastest, where you were average and where you may have gone a little bit wrong...Winsplits and Spltsbrowser are a little bit geeky, and certainly not a compulsory part of orienteering, but if you are serious about getting really good really quickly they are both powerful tools! Email the captain if you need some more explanation.
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