West Harling Heath Results

Eight CUOC runners ventured into an uncharacteristically warm and sunny piece of Thetford Forest today. With the imminent Varsity and BUCS Relays selections looming large, everyone decided to play a trick on the captains and finish with almost exactly the same times. This was very mean of them.

If the Blue results were separated by gender, Andrea and Harriet would have been first and second as the fastest women on the course. They were separated by just over two minutes after smashing the 10 minute kilometres barrier to smithereens, in a very close race. Look at the Splitsbrowser graph, it's exciting. Things were even tighter on the Brown, and can only really be expressed by a list...

4 Mark Salmon 57:07 11 seconds!
5 David Maliphant 57:18 60 seconds!
6 David Wallis 58:18 27 seconds!
7 Tom Dobra 58:45
12 Tin Wong 1:06:11 148 seconds!
14 Hallvard Indgjerd 1:08:49

So things were particularly close in the fight for fourth. Here's a lovely graph showing just how close things got - Mark, David and David were all in the lead at some point, and Tom would have won by a minute if it weren't for number one... (Yes, post-race geeking is FUN!)

Splitsbrowser graph for positions 4-7th on Brown

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