A Flipping Good Lunch

Matthew's method

Perfect pancakes, boring method!

More good style

The regular Monday CUOC lunch switched locations to Fitz for one week only and since it was nearly Shrove Tuesday, pancakes had to happen. Despite plenty of flipping action, none ended up on the ceiling and the floor was miserably free of pancake debris. Matthew won on style, but for those that wanted a round pancake you couldn't beat the super-efficient (if remarkably boring) Henrik Method. Mairead, in classic geographer fashion, realised that pancake cooking isn't a dichotomy of opposite processes but is in fact a continuum between safe spatula turning and the wild wrist-flick method, and chose to combine elements of both into a sustainable solution.

Left: good height, superb concentration. Middle: perfect pancake, but method lacks style. Right: compromise between flippage and the risk of disaster.

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