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Saturday 22:55

Here are some official preliminary results, and some analysis stuff....

Results from Course A (Mens A), Course B (Womens A and Mens B) and Course C (Womens B).


Winsplits and Splitsbrowser

Saturday 19:59

And the post-Varsity party is in full swing. David and Matthew have read the constitution and the risk assessment. Meanwhile some other, not-so-cool people are playing Never Have I Ever. Harriet has never ever vommed in Cindies, but Matt (NOT Captain Matt) has. And there’s some other quite astonishing revelations, but none that I can put up here!

That said, I think some people are struggling with the double and triple negatives in this game…

Saturday 18:22

CUOC have won the boat race for the first time since 2003!

Prize giving

Ben Windsor taking part in the boat race

Saturday 17:39

There's one person missing... guess who?

Team photo

Saturday 16:39

Results of the 2013 Varsity Match!
Men's A

Cambridge: 310:38

(Matthew Vokes, Matt Halliday, Ben Windsor, James Hoad)

Oxford: 300:57

(Peter Hodkinson, Ben Stevens, Alan Cherry, Piotr Czaban)

Oxford win by 9 minutes 41 seconds.

Women's A

Cambridge: 248:51

(Jess Mason, Zuzka Strakova, Katrin Harding)

Oxford: 315:33

(Sophie Louth, Kate Griffiths, Alison Walsh)

Cambridge win by 66 minutes 42 seconds!

Men's B

Cambridge: 222:55

(David Maliphant, Tom Dobra, Henrik Lieng)

Oxford: 320:44

(Ian Buxton, Patrick Beardmore, Alex Vai)

Cambridge win by 97 minutes 49 seconds!

Women's B

Cambridge win!

Saturday 16:35

Results are in and will be uploaded shortly…

Saturday 15:03

And we’re back! Awesome course today, very technical and a lot of fun.


Here’s an update. Things are looking pretty good in the women’s, and very close in the men’s A. Watch this space!

Saturday 11:42

It’s a glorious day, the first runners are in the forest, and it’s time for Mr Publicity Officer to go run. Back later!

Saturday 11:06

We have arrived! Currently we’re up against three OUOC runners, looks like the rest of their cars have got lost somewhere. This bodes well.

Saturday 09:58

Captain Matthew makes an announcement

Exciting news: Captain Matthew Vokes has just announced who has made the A Teams. The starting order is a closely guarded secret, but I can reveal that teams (in alphabetical order…) are:

Men’s A: Ben, James, John, Matt, Matthew, and Rob

Women's A: Harriet, Jess, Katrin, Steph, and Zuzka

The times of the top 4 men or top 3 women are added together to get a time, the university with the quickest time on men’s and women’s will be the winner! The men’s and women’s competitions are awarded separately and everyone else will be in a B team competition which last year we totally aced.

Bring it on!

Saturday 09:43

The captains discuss the teams

The teams test the furniture

We just stopped in the weirdest motorway services ever, and very nearly bought a couple of sofas and a washing machine. While we all tried out the furniture, the captains had a Talk. I think there’s an exciting announcement on the way!

Saturday 09:02

We’ve just been revising the post-Varsity boat race rules. This one is a particular favourite..

3.3. Selection of the team for a club shall be the responsibility of the social officer of that club. In the case of absence or incapacity of the social officer, it shall be the responsibility of whoever can be bothered to take their place.

Saturday 08:36

Matthew gets excited by a map

As we cruise towards Sheffield. Captain Vokesy is enjoying a good map. He’s also carefully building the excitement (among the few people who are still awake) by dropping the occasional hint about who might have landed the coveted places in the A Teams. Looking forward to the big reveal later on…

Saturday 07:54

AND WE’RE OFF!! But we’re going via Clare to pick up a particularly sleepy runner. Tut tut.

Friday 23:29

Joe and the Port-A-Logo

Matthew has planned some courses

Not long to go now! Matthew’s planned some mock courses which ex-ex-ex-Captain Adam thinks are definitely nothing like what we’ll get tomorrow, Joe’s been modelling Ben’s Port-A-Logo, I’ve been frustrated by a very ropy internet connection in Ben’s basement and we’ve all eaten slightly too much chilli.

Harriet does her best attempt at downing squash

Oh, and Harriet aced the boat race selection by downing a litre of orange squash in 56 seconds. That’s about 18 ml/s. If you’re interested, it means she could down an Olympic-sized swimming pool in just 4 years and 5 months.

Friday 19:24

CUOC veggie chilli

This is what happens when you let an engineer near the dinner


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