Icenian 2013 Live Blog

Saturday 15:11

Hey, guess what? Provisional results have been up for the last forty minutes! They are VERY provisional, and there will be some changes once we add in the last finisher (don’t worry, he’s now back) and sort out a couple of SI queries. That’s it for the LiveBlog for now, but we’ll be uploading a more complete and less confusing set of results later this evening.

Hope you enjoyed your races!

Saturday 14:19

Provisional results available shortly….

Saturday 14:16

We’re just waiting for the last runner now… we’re waiting for you Dan!

Saturday 13:55

Efficient cup collection

We're like the O-Ringen with our plastic cup collection!

Saturday 13:46

On hearing there were chocolate bars, Matthew & Katrin have just sprinted off to get one….

Saturday 13:41

Posh sandwiches have arrived

With the majority of competitors now having reached the finish, family Strakova finally made it to the race… With the lunches! For those of us who had breakfast at 5:15 AM (Katrin and John),this was very welcome, especially when tesco finest sandwhiches made it a very tough decision between King prawn and avocado, and goats cheese and roasted pepper..

Saturday 13:30

Pavel has just beaten Matthew by 14 seconds on the Black….

Saturday 13:00

It’s a lovely sunny day here – perfect for a run in the forest. And Matthew has just fallen off a stool in download…

Saturday 12:45

Runners finishing thick and fast now – the last starters should now be out in the forest….

Saturday 12:13

Plenty more finishers coming in with another few on the black, new leader with CHIG’s Jonathan Albon 4 mins ahead of Matthew.

Saturday 11:41

Hoards of finishers now, including the first from CUOC – well done Sarah… and somehow Matthew has ALREADY finished even though he’s on the Black. Well jealous of that!

Saturday 11:17

Katrin visits LiveBlog HQ

Planner Katrin just popped in to LiveBlog HQ. Apparently she got up at 5am to hang controls.. dedication!

Saturday 10:57

SI expert Pavel

Ace SI expert Pavel is currently working through some on-the-day entries. He’s come all the way from Prague just to do Download for us!

Saturday 10:51


Well done to Rebecca from NGOC, you’re currently 1/1 on the White. 15:03 looks like a good time, too…

Saturday 10:38

It’s probably worth explaining what we by “Icenian Trophy”. According to Organiser Tom, “the Icenian Trophy will be awarded to the club with the lowest score when the positions of their top ten placed runners are added. A minimum of ten runners is required. Results from each course will be counted together, even if competitors are in different age classes.” So basically it’s a club competition, where the strongest team wins – the more runners you have, the worse everyone else’s score will be.

Normally WAOC win, as they have the most runners living nearby and have a wide breadth of ages… but CUOC will try to give them a run for their money! I hear BOK may have sent a stealth team too…

Saturday 10:31

Vokesy is about to go to the start

Here’s #Captain Vokesy, just before he headed off to the start. He’s one of the first to start and is one of the fastest runners here today, but will he be one of the first finishers?

Saturday 09:55

Gooood morning! Welcome to CUOC’s LiveBlog of the 2013 Icenian Trophy. The Download tent is ready to go, all we need now are some competitors…

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