Dinner Crawl 2016 liveblog

09:33 - Hello!

Good morning, everyone, and welcome to what is probably the first ever CUOC dinner crawl live blog!

It's a lovely day so far: blue skies and bright sunlight are visible from my shadowy ground floor room (admittedly only if I press my face longingly to the window pane). The Met Office suggests that this loveliness will continue all day - joined by a few pretty clouds at around 13:00 - and into the dinner crawl itself. The temperature will be falling from 13°C at 18:00 to 11°C by 23:00, so a jumper probably wouldn't be amiss later on. Or three fleeces and a duffle coat, if you're Helen Pružina.

I personally forecast 8 hours of excited anticipation, followed by unbridled fun, witty repartee and just a chance of culinary contendedness. Only time will tell what our seven spectacular hosts have in store for us. Let's just hope their preparations are all #oncourse!


The party is here. Several influential CUOCers are not. But we're not worried, as Jeremy's provided a lavish spread (nice bread, cheese and crisps) and many, many drinks.


Tom and Helen O have finally arrived! Turns out that St John's have EIGHT B staircases.

No time to drink, we need to be off again!


A successful couple of stops down. Tom's made the first bad pun of the night, Helen's reminisced over the size of her housemate's "camera". Now on course for a course at Helen's!

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