Cuppers 2013

Team Results

PlaceCollegePointsCommentsTeam Members Initals
1Clare A7 KH, TD, MH
2Fitzwilliam A18 AS, RA, DM
3=Clare B35 JO, SB, MC
3=Fitzwilliam B35 HL, LJ, RB
5Sidney Sussex A37 JM, PB, WH
6Queens' A43 KN, RH, ED
7Jesus A45 FP, JH, TL
8Homerton A49 ZS, KM, WO
9Jesus B69 LH, MM, TR
10Christ's25No WomenJH, JH, CB
11Trinity A25No WomenMG, PF, BG
12Trinity B62No WomenTR, JGS, DB
13Sidney Sussex B82No WomenJC, CPS, TN
14Trinity C101No WomenJR, BE, EG
15Homerton B13No Men, MP x2HP, LGV, AC
16St Catharine's19Incomplete (2)RS, CK
17Fitzwilliam C50Incomplete (2)KT, MW
18Trinity D-Incomplete (2), MP x2DS, AP
19Jesus C65Incomplete (2), No WomenHM, CH
20Peterhouse2Incomplete (2), No Men, MP x1CB, JF
21St John's16Incomplete (2), No Women, MP x1MJ, JZ
22Sidney Sussex C-Incomplete (2), No Women, MP x2NK, AS
23Corpus Christi2Incomplete (1), No WomenRC
24King's17Incomplete (1), No MenEB
25Gonville and Caius23Incomplete (1), No WomenJB
26Queens' B33Incomplete (1), No WomenGD

Points are calculated by adding together the places of the top 3 classified runners, subject to 1 man and 1 woman in each team. Any team not complying with this rule is classified below all eligible teams. Unfortunately, any runner that mis punched (MP) was not classified and so did not get a position (you can still see your time in the results though and a comment about what was wrong, so you can work out where you would have come!)

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