Do TrailO

Do TrailO – to be sung to the tune of Let It Go, from the Disney modern classic Frozen (2013)

The undergrowth’s high all around me tonight

No white forest to be seen

There's so many muddy puddles

So i won't get through this clean

The cold is creeping through my o-tops thin mesh sides

I can't keep it out heaven knows I've tried

Don't go off paths don't scrape your knees

Be the 'athlete' you always knew you'd be

Just take your time and walk round slow

Do TrailO

Do TrailO

Don't need to run anymore

Do TrailO

Do TrailO

I’ll become a total bore!

I don't know what I'm going to say

I can bluff this one

And just mark it down as Z anyway

It's funny how some distance makes controls seem so small

Because they're off the path I  

Can't get to them at all!

It's time to see which one to choose

To check descriptions for a clue

No way this planner's tricking me!

Not me!

Do TrailO

Do TrailO

I am one with the sighting line

Do TrailO

Do TrailO

it's a metre too far right!

Here I stand and here I stay

The time limit's long...

My eyes are darting in between the map and ground

It's so easy to see just which letter I must write down

And one thought crystallises like an icy blast

I am a TrailO God. my skills are unsurpassed!

Do TrailO

Do TrailO

And I'll rise from the tempo chair

Do TrailO

Do TrailO

I got a perfect score back there!

Here i stand in the light of day

I’m a TrailO man

Cause running never bothered me anyway

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