Training Runs

Training Runs in Cambridge

This guide was originally written by Eric Roller (CUOC 1995-98). It has been revived as part of the website migration (2015).

All you enthusiastic runners out there will know the problem: running up and down the same strip of land over and over again is terribly boring. For those of you in Cambridge, I have compiled a selection of different running areas which you can try out to get some variety into the business.

What the suggested runs have in common that they are aimed to avoid motor traffic and tarred roads as much as that is possible. Please note that most of them are star-trips, i.e. you will have to come back the same way you came. You will find that most of the better areas are further away from the centre than is convenient - I say, use your bike to get out into the countryside - it's worth it.



The author cannot be held responsible for any kind of injuries, trespassing violations, or anything else occurring in connection with following the stated routes. Anyone may do so only on their own risk.

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