Churchill Adventure Race

NameChurchill Adventure Race
LocationChurchill College (OpenStreetMap, Google Maps)

=Adventure Race

The adventure race has the basic format of a score course. That is, competitors have a certain amount of time to visit as many controls as possible. Each control is worth a certain number of points, and points are deducted for every minute or part minute late returning.

The adventure race differs slightly from this, in that at certain controls there are other activities which can be completed to gain extra points.

=Car and Bike Parking

Car parking is available here

Except for moving race equipment, bikes should not be brought to the assembly area. Please use the bike racks around Churchill college.

=Assembly area

Please assemble at the NW corner of the tennis courts (see map above) at 18:30.

The start and finish are adjacent to the assembly area.

Please do not bring valuables to the training. Due to the large numbers of SI boxes being used for the training, the planner may need to roam the area, and cannot guarantee the safety of belongings.

You leave any belongings unattended at your own risk.

=Mass Start

There will be a mass start at approximately 18:45. It will be a punching start, but all runners will start within a very short period.

Anyone who arrives late may still be able to start but will not receive the full time limit.

Courses will close 50 minutes after the mass start. Anyone returning later than this will be disqualified.

=Time Limit

Time limit45 minutes
Control10 points
Late return-20 points per minute or part minute

=SI Cards

All competitors will require two SI cards. The second SI card must be a version 5 or 6 dibber. We will have SI cards to lend.

Competitors will also need a watch and a headtorch

=Map symbols

Special symbols

The map will use a special symbol to mark controls with an extra activity.


The exact activities shall remain a secret until the race...

Each of the activities will have an instructions sheet at the score control.

Some of the activities have a limit to the number of people that can be taking part. If the activity is full (e.g. there are no maps left), you will have to continue round the score course.

Some of the activities will require you to download your second dibber. This will be made clear on the instructions sheet. Download will be signed.

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