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NameCambridge City Race 2017
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NotesCambridge urban race
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Results are now up - see the links above.

Huge thanks to everyone for coming and making it a great day, and especially for putting up with all the technical difficulties!


It gives CUOC great pleasure to invite you to the fifth Cambridge City Race, which will be held around the city centre and colleges of Cambridge.

More details will be added to this page as they become available


As in 2015, the assembly area will be in Lecture Room 4 at the Department of Engineering, Trumpington Street, Cambridge, CB2 1PZ.

The assembly area will be open from 09:30.


Entries are now closed. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide Entry on the Day.

Nearby Race on 29th October

WAOC will be holding a race in Brandon, 35 miles from Cambridge on the day after the city race, making for a full weekend of orienteering. Brandon is a forested area in the sandy Brecklands, which should provide an interesting contrast to the streets of Cambridge. This will be part of the East Anglian League, with colour coded courses up to Brown length, see full details on the WAOC Website


A mix of riverside parkland, intricate streets of central Cambridge, and a maze of college courtyards, passages and quads guarded by porters (don't touch the grass!). Adult courses 1-6 will mostly be on paved surfaces, but you should be prepared for some controls on soft ground. Normal running shoes are recommended, and metal-spiked shoes must not be worn. Junior courses will be in parkland and do not cross any roads.

map sample

map sample


The following courses will be available, following the British Orienteering guidelines for Urban races.

In line with British Orienteering rules, juniors under the age of 16 must run course 7/8, which remain in parkland and do not cross any roads.

Courses 1-6 include a mandatory crossing point at a pelican crossing - see 'Safety' below.

Course 1 has 32 controls, which is more than the capacity of some SI-card models. Competitors with cards numbered 000001-499999, 2000000-2999999 have been assigned a high capacity card, which can be collected at registration.

CourseClassLengthControlsMap Size
1Men Open7.2k32A3
2Women Open, M40+6.0k28A3
3W40+, M55+5.3k27A3
4W55+, M65+4.6k21A3
5W65+, M75+3.6k19A3

Start Times

Start times will be allocated between 10:30 and 13:30. There will be a punching start available to allow for delays in transport to the assembly area.

Courses will close at 15:30.


We are very pleased to announce that Ultrasport will be in attendance and will have a stall set up in the Assembly. For food and drink, there are lots of excellent cafés and restaurants around the city centre. In the interests of fairness we ask that you wait until after your run before walking around the competition area.

ultrasport website

Race Day

All competitors must collect their race number from the assembly area before they go to the start. You will not be allowed on your course without it. Pins will be provided.

Enquiries, download, number and SI collection will be located in the assembly area. Toilets are elsewhere in the building and will be signed.

A store for small valuables (keys, wallet) will be provided but space in limited. All items are left at the owner's risk. Bags can be left in the assembly area but this is also at the owner's risk.

A prize giving will be held at 14.30 or as soon as possible after. Prizes are being provided by Ultrasport.


We highly recommend using Cambridge's public transport system to access the assembly area:


Cambridge is well served by five park and ride bus routes. The most convenient route is from Trumpington, detailed map here. Get off at the Fitzwilliam Museum and turn left to head south on Trumpington st. to reach the Engineering Dept. All the other park and rides go to Drummer St. bus station, from which there will be a signed route to the assembly area. Other local buses also serve Drummer Street bus station. Longer distance bus and coach services stop at Parkside coach stop.


Cambridge has good rail connections to London and elsewhere. The assembly area is 1.4 km from the train station. The route from the station to the assembly area will be signed.


If you must drive into the city centre, the nearest multi-storey is the Grand Arcade car park on Corn Exchange Street. Please be warned that this car park can be extremely busy on Saturday mornings. Exit the car park through the Grand Arcade shopping centre. The multi-storey is in the competition area and the permitted route from the Drummer Street bus station to the assembly area must be followed.



Be very careful when crossing roads as traffic will be present. Cyclists are extremely dangerous – assume they are not aware of the highway code or one way streets. You should watch out for undertaking and overtaking when crossing roads at any point including pelican crossings and be prepared to give way, even on pavements. Please be respectful and careful of pedestrians.

All Senior Courses (1-6) have a compulsory timed out road crossing at a pedestrian crossing. A control before the crossing will stop your time, and a control after it will restart it. Please remember to punch both controls!

The traffic lights are very responsive, so do not be tempted to cross without waiting for the lights.

First aid will be available in the assembly area. Please make contact with a race official if you require first aid treatment. The nearest hospital with an emergency department is Addenbrooke's, Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 0QQ. In the case of a serious incident whilst out on the course, please seek help from a college Porter.

Please be mindful that Saturday lectures will be taking place in some parts of the map. There is a sudden increase of pedestrian and bike number before and after each lecture.

Full leg cover is not required - shorts may be worn, but dress appropriately for the weather. Metal-spiked shoes are not allowed.


Start times will be between 10.30 and 13.00 and will be available soon. If you miss your start time we will give you the next free slot but you might have a long wait.

Start is 300 m W of assembly. Take care crossing cycle path.

There will be a warm-up area at the start.

Call up is 4 minutes before your start time. Loose control descriptions will be provided in the start lanes. On the long beep, you must dib the start control and pick up your map. Competitors should check they have the correct map before leaving the start area.


All competitors must punch the finish control and then proceed to download.

All competitors must download. This is a safety check and failure to download may result in a search party being sent to look for you.

Courses close at 15.30 and controls may be removed from this time. If you are still on the course at 15.30 please return to the assembly area to download. Please be aware of the time - especially if you have a late start time.

Please don't show your map to competitors who have yet to run.


Scale: 1:5000, drawn to ISSOM standards. No contours. Updated and extended in 2017 for the City Race by Paul Pružina (CUOC) and Caroline Louth (WAOC).

Roadworks and other alterations can appear at short notice and may not be mapped.

The area has been mapped according to ISSOM 2007. It is the competitors' responsibility to ensure they are familiar with these. A legend is available on the Maprunner website. Please make sure you are familiar with the 'Forbidden to cross' symbols. This may represent a high wall, a low boundary or a gate/entrance which we do not have permission to use. You must not cross these features even if it is possible to do so. There will not be a legend on the map. Construction sites are mapped with a solid purple fill and purple border and are strictly out of bounds.

Do not cross these symbols

Maps will be printed on waterproof paper


Colleges are primarily places of learning and living, and we are lucky to have access to some very prestigious colleges. You must not stray in to an out of bounds area or walk on the grass unless it is marked as ‘in bounds’. Marshals and porters will be patrolling and you will be disqualified if you breach our agreed access. Our access agreements are only valid for the duration of your run. Most colleges are open to the public if you want to visit after your run, although some may charge an entry fee.

Please don't risk future use of this area by running recklessly or inappropriately. We rely on the goodwill of the colleges and university to be able to put on this race.


There will be a number of official CUOC photographers taking pictures for the club to be published only by CUOC following the race and for future club publicity. If you wish not to appear in such photography, please leave your race number at enquiries.


If you have any questions please get in touch with the race orgainser by email: cityrace2017 *at*


PlannerPaul Pružina (CUOC)
OrganiserJonathan Mortlock (CUOC)
ControllerSimon Errington (HH)
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