Training Tour Day à·ª

Today CUOC awoke to a changed world. A world of getting Brexit done, a world of blue maps, and most importantly, a world of favourable rates for buying Kroner. Sadly, we discovered that Tom, Aidan and Ryan had not been reelected for staying another night, so they began the day by packing their bags to leave while everyone else had brexfast. The hangers left for Oxwich Burrows to set up the day's training, and after a short transition period, they were followed by everyone else.

James had planned the morning's courses, and Jeremy had planned the printer setup, which turned out to be a bad thing when the map scale was wrong. The area was some less complicated dunes than the rest of the week, with a fence separating the hillier, marramier bit from the hillyish, absolutely rapid bit. The rapid bit was so rapid that Paul suggested that even Hareys might not complain about running on it. After a short morning of training, we had a break while the controls were collected and Aidan hung the afternoon's training.

The afternoon's training started at 11:45 and lasted more than 15 minutes, so was technically correct. Aidan had planned something like what he planned two years ago - a mass start gaffled course where you choose which control to go to at the start of each gaffel. Ireland and Italy switched the lead for the first half, until Italy took a slightly too scenic route and had to go home DEVASTATED. Yorkshire followed behind to complete the podium.

Now all that was left to do was to get rid of Aidan, Tom and Ryan, so we did that, before heading back to the bunkhouse. Copious tea was imbibed, and Jeremy got interviewed by St Madoc TV, while this tour report was written before yesterday's. Sadly, it can't be completed before yesterday's, due to today not being complete.

The 2100 edition of the CUOC Reporter returns to bring you an important update regarding the rest of the day. Heather made a delicious Mexican Bean Chilli, to be served with a side of everything else we had.This was mixed with as much rice as we could fit in the pan, and was very nice, but this meant that there was Quite a Lot. Due to a further unexpected carbohydratal situation, pudding plans were altered from being ice cream based to a more bread dominated dish. Sadly, bread and butter pudding contains quite a lot of butter, so Paul had to perform some culinary experimentation by pouring soya milk, cocoa powder and sugar on slices of bread, sticking in the oven and hoping really really hard. In the end, the gamble paid off, and everyone was satisfied with a delicious end to the week.

Once dinner was done, all that remained was to pack up and clean the bunkhouse before an early start tomorrow. With so much food remaining, the obvious course of action was rice sandwiches for lunch tomorrow - we'll be back with an update as soon as we discover whether or not this was a terrible idea.

Update from the late Capt. F. Bunn MCSP: "also, I'm losing track of the days with all these fancy symbols you're coming up with for the tour reports...#bringbackthenumbers"

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